Spain’s economy officially left recession in the third quarter of 2013 with a slight positive growth of 0.1 %. The possible start of a turnaround is still far from a society that lives on the effects of the famous crisis. A society too used to dealing daily with words such as sovereign debt, bank bailout and, of course, unemployment.

This context draws a particularly dark landscape for the country's youth, who despite collecting graduates in all sort of especialities, face an unemployment rate of 56% and see few options beyond years of practice and low wages in the best cases. The solution for many is to seek new opportunities abroad, with better or worse results.

Nevertheless, there are some who firmly believe that they can also pursue and fulfill dreams in their own country. Design projects and carry them out successfully. Axel Torres (sports journalist), Conrad Roset (illustrator), Paula Garcia Villora (Director of Laureus Foundation Spain) and Isaac Marcet (Founder of PlayGround Magazine) are four of them. Four young professionals about thirty who share the same recipe: a very specific idea, sacrifice, perseverance, expertise and knowing how to exploit luck at the right time.

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