What the eye doesn't see... 285 million hearts don't grieve over. This is the number of people in the world with visual impairment. Persons who, in the opinion of the majority, inhabit a country of darkness and disorientation. Logging into their lives means visiting a complex puzzle: with many objects, movements, sounds and often bizarre places for the seer. But also a world fraught with hope, progress and illusions. Given how terrible we imagine a life without sight, we usually impose a veil of horror over this disability and we don't let blind people explain themselves if they are happy and how they have succeeded.

This is the story of Manel Martí, a Spanish 57 year old man from Barcelona, who was born perfectly healthy but who became totally blind at the age of 35 due to a rare disease. Instead of giving up, he kept fighting to get adapted to his new situation and to be able to live a full and happy life. He's married to Montse and they have a 17 year old son called Pau.

In 1994, Manel founded the Catalan Association of Visual Impairment, in order to help people in his same situation overcome all the difficulties that blindness imply. 20 years later, he keeps fighting to have the best possible life for him and for other blind people, no matter their origin or social level.